I do- Who else wants Sexy Underwear?

Have yo ever experienced men’s sexy underwear before?

Well, I did!! And, the result is exactly I want to share with you all.

Men's Sexy Underwear

The other day one of best friends (we are 4) dared me to stay in a pair of lace underwear (any style that features minimal fabric) for one full day. Things got kinky when they added that I was supposed to show it off to at least one person and it can be anybody.

I had to take up the dare and it was really insane but I had no option than saying yes to it.

Finally, the day started and I slipped into my first pair of Good Devil Lace Panel Trunk. Though I was a little skeptical at first, but eventually I got the hang of it. With a combination of nylon and spandex, it was quite a comfortable fabric blend on the assets.

By the midday, I was loving how the style made me feel like below the belt and by the evening, I wanted to try on a little more revealing ones in the same fabric. Probably like bikinis for men or jockstraps made out of lace.

Well, the dare was completed in the day but what I received at the end of the day was that every man should try sexy pairs.


Let me tell you why!

Because they’re different:

Nothing like your ordinary pair of tighty whiteys that are there since…forever. Though some briefs designed in a sexy way fall into this category. So if you are a conventional guy, you can choose sheer underwear in which you’ll find your traditional styles including briefs or revealing ones like male thongs and bikinis.

Because they are special:

Just like I mentioned, unlike your regular pairs, they are made to make you feel absolutely comfortable and special below the belt throughout the day. Made with a variety of comfortable fabric composition, all you get to feel is being pampered down there.

Because they’re available in a gamut of styles:

Whether you choose your boxer briefs, briefs or bikinis, g-strings or thongs, the category includes every style. You can choose the one that you find your comfort statement in.

What do you see in sexy pieces? Do let us know in the comments below.


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