Men's Underwear

Latest color code decoded for men

Striking the right color combination and coordinating the shades in the right way is the key to impeccable style. Hitting the right note when it comes selecting colors is tricky, but you’re done once you get the right one. Most of you might be thinking, “What is difficult in it? Just pair white shirt with black or blue pants and you’re done!” Yes, it is for sure a classic combination. However, just being classy is not enough these days, you’ve got to be clashy at time. Wonder how is that possible without going over-the-top? You just need to decode some of the color codes that can compliment your personality.

Men in Colorful Suits

The color Wheel for men

You must have studied about the color spectrum of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Do you this can even be used coordinate the color of your outfit? As per a report published in The Idle Man, the color combination for clothing can be selected using this fashion wheel.

Color Wheel

The shades just opposite to one another matches best with each other. While the hues can be paired with black or white. If you’re looking for getting an edge over others, then, this color wheel can never fail you.

Other than this, here are some of the latest color codes that are really gaining popularity among the fashion-savvy male population. Have a look.

Pink and grey

Pink and Grey

Despite the fact that men wearing pink was a stigma for a very long time. This color is still considered feminine. However, just like the varied styles of men’s underwear like men’s g-strings and thong underwear, which was earlier considered feminine has ditched the taboo and entered the mainstream, even this shade has made it’s way into the hearts of fashion connoisseurs. Pink paired with grey is one of the most statement-making combination. However, you need to coordinate it appropriately. The shirt should be pink and trouser grey. It should not be the other way out.

Orange and brown

Orange and Brown

Orange is an aesthetic shades and appears too bright for a man to wear. However, it’ll look perfect, if you pair it with subtle brown. This is one combination that is ideal for the casual and laid back look. It is stylish, easy-going and works well. This combination is perfect when the top has white and orange stripes.

Red and black

Red and Black

This combination goes well with formal, semi-formal as well as casual. Make sure that you accessorize it properly according to the even when you’re wearing it. For instance, red shirt when paired with black trouser and suit will make you stand out in public. While for semi-formal, a red t-shirt with black jeans and suit is ideal. Just consider the dress code and you’ll be able to stand out.

Yellow and navy

Yellow and Navy

This combination is a bit bold for men. So, all those who dare to look different and try something different from the convention can very much give it a try. A yellow shirt with navy trouser and navy tie is something that will effortlessly make you the talk of the town. Even in the casual category, blue t-shirt paired with yellow jacket is perfect.

Green and white

Green and White

This combination is simple, sober, sophisticated yet stylish. The light green t-shirt or shirt paired with white trouser is chinos will be eye-candy for you as well as for the onlookers. This pair works well for the casual and semi-formal event.

Are you ready to explore the various shades of styling? Were these points helpful? Do share with us in the comments below.


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