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Thinking denim? – Tips to do it right in summer

Are you thinking that summers are here and you have to say goodbye to your favorite jeans? Well, we understand that the hot months don’t allow the rugged fabric to let you feel comfortable. But, what about the love for jeans?

We’ve got you covered here!

When you follow the below-mentioned tips properly, you’re sure to have a wonderful time loving your denim clothes.

Alter the fit

Alter the fit

Whether you love to wear tight fitting jeans or the straight cuts to keep it stylish on the legs. You now have to opt for the ones that let you go loose on the legs. Skinny jeans are not what the season calls for but your basic concern is to breathe well and look cool on the whole. If you go by the trends, you can reinvent your fashion quotient and loose fit jeans are peppier than the skinny ones.

Choose the distressed types

Distressed Jeans

Ripped or distressed jeans are definitely a go-to option for the hot months. They are the perfect source of ventilation for you. Just make sure you don’t go way too ripped and look ugly. Go distressed for the feeling. In fact, you can choose a type of men’s underwear that doesn’t show off when you intentionally rip your jeans. A pair of g-string for men or jockstrap underwear would be an ideal option. Or else, if you want to hide skin and show off your underwear, boxer briefs would be the ideal choice.

Denim shirts are a great option

Denm Shirts

If you aren’t getting comfortable with the denim pants, you can definitely go for a denim shirt. Made from some other fabric, but looks like a denim, you can surely adopt that. There are chances that the fabric breathes well.

When you use a variety of products that make your denim stay longer, you would be able to enjoy the best of the clothing articles.


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