Men's Underwear

Man underwear and the personalities – what are you?

In today’s time, you would notice a lot of men dressing wrongly according to their age, body type, and even personality. And, there’s nothing anybody can do about it. However, when you go through the Internet, you’d find numerous articles, blogs and other kinds of write-ups on how one should actually pay attention to his personality and dress accordingly.

One such genre that men fail to understand is man underwear. The majority of men fail to pick the right kind of style in accordance to their personality.

Being the basic of your entire clothing, this is the most basic of everything and must be chosen to the very best of your personality.

Given below are the sexy styles with the kind of personalities who should wear them.


Good Devil Pleasure Brief Blue

The transformation of briefs if you notice will make you feel that the boring tighty whiteys have gone sexy. Still, the conventional coverage and the snug fit is still a part of the same, men who like to keep themselves focused and traditional are ones who deserve this. They like to continue with what their father and forefathers have passed on.

Boxer briefs

Good Devil Trunk White

The sturdy style by nature and lengthy by looks (optional), the boxer briefs for men are intended to provide a defining fit to the legs with the assets included. Men who are goal oriented and systematic by nature in everything they do is what makes the style their best companion.


Good Devil Pleasure Bikini Brief Green Jade/Black

The collection of men’s bikini underwear is something that hugs you at the best spots and makes you feel supported at the same time. Available in a variety of fabrics that make things sexier below the belt, the style is considered to be the one that gives you the best of both – subtlety and sexiness. Men who aim at doing big in life match the style. They might be peppy on the outside but are very gentle inside.

Thongs and G-strings

Good Devil Oriental touch Slip Thong Grey

Often considered to be two sides of the same coin, men’s thong underwear and g-strings for men are the sexiest of them all. Initially, they were considered for the gay men, but now men, in general, are adopting the style for its masculine yet sexy appeal. A style is an ideal option for men who are a charmer by nature, he knows what his partner seeks and will lay the same on the plate for her/him. The unique fashion quotient sets him apart from the lot and knows his priorities well.


Good Devil Erotic world Jockstrap Red

Playful or athletic by nature, men’s jockstraps are your one stop when you are looking forward to exposure no matter what the situation is. It is the front that deciphers whether you are in for a real game in the field or between the sheet. Men who are prepared for every occasion are the ones who should indulge in the respective style. They do not believe in taking chances and make sure that everything is in place when the emergency strikes.

What’s your personality??


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